Soul Seer

Do you know what some awaken spirits call a Soul Seer
One who sees a troubled soul of a spirit in need of healing
a medicine spirit who does not whisper healing in your ear
whether from a childhood trauma or a past life feeling…..

There are many People Whisperers you can find on-line
New-Agers selling personal healing medicine for a price
they all confess to some enlighten power from the divine
whether it is the truth is no more than a roll of the dice…..

You see, your personal healing has to come from within
no one will be able heal your pain & trauma except you
a soul seer will not whisper in your ear to your chagrin
soulful healing is mystical you do know that this is true…..

A Soul Seer envisions the future guided by your troubled task
to wisdom that is shared with spirits who have the guts to ask…..

Sonnet #528.93 by Ronnie Miller aka Inyan~Wicasa~Waste`
March 22nd, Year 2014


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Almost There

Well, I believe that I am, finally, almost there
after being around more than a half Century
from that 1st day becoming a free-spirit here
and, not back there in a state penitentiary…..

You don’t wanna go back there you gotta be here
in the Sacred Black Hills among the lofty pines
seeking my Golden Buffalo Lodge as a soul seer
where I found my lodge among old gold mines…..

Ya, it’s a couple of acres that are on Sacred Land
Crazy Horse Memorial is just up the trail a bit
only two hundred 86 miles from Custer’s Last Stand
where I found my bliss & slight grace as a free-spirit…..

Life is but a Dream until you are truly almost there
after your body-soul has been around for a bit here…..

Sonnet #528.92 by Ronnie Miller aka Inyan~Wicasa~Waste`
March 22nd, Year 2014 on my ex-wife’s ??th Birthday

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As Time Goes Bye

The awe and wonders of life as Time goes bye
witness to all there is thru look, listen and learn
to experience things in body-soul to discern why
not from reading books for some degree to earn…..

Insight to Sacred-Love is not learned from some book
for as years go bye you learn to listen to your heart
on your spiritual journey that’s more than one look
to manifest your dreams and visions from the start…..

The spiritual journey is not along some straight path
there are lessons to learn along the long winding road
Time to smell mountain flowers & initiate a mineral bath
climb a sacred vision Hill as there are seeds to be sowed…..

Your vision is to see all the seeds planted grow as Time goes bye
Enjoy Sacred-Love under moon-glow before your final bye, bye…..

Sonnet #528.72 by Ronnie Miller
October 31st, Year 2013

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This World That’s Mine

Heyoka Tipi5th layerSunLodge
I’m reforging in Stone This World That’s Mine
never again to build things that are made of plastic
discover on my sacred land a pink quartz mine
to build Elder’s Stone Sun Lodge will be fantastic…..

Anything made with Stones will last more than 280,000 years
or more depends on kind of Stone and where you build them
with the help of my warrior brothers and a few elder peers
like a Heyoka Teepee on top of Sun-Lodge will be a gem…..

A picture in my mind came in a sacred vision of this World
Spirit guided me to Golden Buffalo Lodge on this Sacred Land
A place to manifests my vision and to create this New World
Sacred Brotherhood of Elders will be the name of this Band…..

The qualifications are soulful and few like being a warrior man
and to have lived a half-century in body-soul to join this Clan…..

Sonnet #528.38 by Ronnie Miller aka Inyan~Wicasa~Waste`
April 9th, Year 2013

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West Direction

The West Direction is for wisdom and spiritual guidance
like wisdom that goes back to the beginning of all Time
to manifest this Life in body-soul with great abundance
to feed all things with light energy like in a sweet red wine…..

And wisdom learned through lessons on One’s sacred path
whether good or bad natural way knowledge as a eyewitness
or soaking One’s body-soul in a hot mineral springs bath
and to experience all that Life offers One to bear witness…..

And with lessons learned the wisdom to seek spiritual guidance
to One’s purpose in body-soul to gift this spiritual wisdom to others
to share wisdom learned in this Life’s journey without remittance
in the Sacred Brotherhood of Elders where we are all brothers…..

The West Direction is for the Great Mystery of Life in body-soul
in the color black for the dark night of One’s soul to be whole…..

Sonnet #528.82 by Ronnie Miller aka inyan~wicasa~waste`
December 14th, Year 2013

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South Direction

The South Direction is for healing and spiritual growth
to heal all the personal traumas in one’s body and soul
before one can be a healer and to take a personal oath
to share the healing power is always the spiritual goal…..

Bear medicine is the most powerful healing for a mind
to heal the harms, hurts, pains and fears to a body-soul
that all the dominating cultures have caused to mankind
to deny free-spirits who want to be cleanses to be whole…..

The journey of a free-spirit is to go the top of a sacred hill
to seek healing guidance from the Great Spirit of all souls
not some medical doctor for a few pills if one is mentally ill
or written in some bible or written in the dead sea scrolls…..

The South Direction is for Summer with Sundances and vision quests
Time to dance and to sit on a hill to pray for one’s personal requests…..

Sonnet #528.81 by Ronnie Miller aka Inyan~Wicasa~Waste`
December 14th, Year 2013

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East Direction

The East Direction is lessons to learn in the Natural Way
body-soul emotional knowledge to have no fear of death
to experience all things in this Life through the gift of play
the awe and wonders of Life in each day and in each breath….

The teachers will come and go as are needed to learn lessons
some will be good, some will be bad in their ways of teaching
which lessons are learned will depend on how many sessions
and depends whether or not the teaching is not mere preaching….

Yet, some teachers are the four-legged, finned and winged ones
for one’s Animal medicine teachers are the Natural Way to learn
for their innocents in trauma experiences is like in human sons
and to witness their wisdom is knowledge for one to discern….

The East Direction has many kinds of teachers in this Life to learn
some lessons are very hard to learn, yet most you will have to earn….

Sonnet $528,80 by Ronnie Miller aka inyan~wicasa~waste“
November 26th, Year 2016

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North Direction

The North Direction is to purify to seek one’s personal truth
to cleanse all of the culture’s domestication of one’s soul
all the teachings during the first 20+years of one’s youth
which prevented one’s free-spirit to grow into to be whole….

Like who are one’s peoples from past lives in body-soul
with the Natural Way Knowledge that is in one’s mind
Earth Mother teaches one how to be a concerning whole
to sacrifice Life as a warrior of people for one’s kind….

The Sacred Tree of Life has four seasons the first is the North
when it is Winter Time to reflect upon one’s personal truths
to manifest in body-soul what is this Life that is to bring forth
following one’s sacred path along the trails of many routes….

The North Direction teaches One the way to personal truths
following one’s heart is the spiritual way to find one’s proofs….

Sonnet #528.79 by Ronnie Miller aka inyan~wicasa~waste`
November 26th, Year 2013

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Exit Anywhere

With past memories you can exit anywhere
that brings tears from deep in your heart
some were answers to one of your prayers
or lessons learned gifted to become smart…..

What is great is the ability to exit anywhere
if a few bad memories creep into your mind
then, you try to change it without any despair
the secret is to be to yourself very, very kind…..

After several decades you need to exit anywhere
when too many old, old memories are the cause
some of them need to be buried so you beware
for me, it is where home in my heart always was…..

Old past memories is like dreaming in your mind
you gotta remember that you are….one of a kind…..

Sonnet #528.51 by Ronnie Miller
June 29th, Year 2013

Co-opted from SonicTAP Channel 857 Zen
Title: Exit Anywhere By: Plej CD: Home Is Where Your Heart Was

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Flew Over My Shoulder

A Mountain Bluebird just flew over my right shoulder
how much Bluebird of Happiness can one man endure
It is a bliss feeling like being a huge mountain boulder
This is a new 5th world dimension for me that for sure…..

Now, this bird was definitely a Female Mountain Bluebird
She got so close to me I could have kiss her on the neck
This old bluebeard sailor kissed a few in the female herd
a lot more than the 52 cards in a diamond poker deck…..

Ya, after seven decades I desire a little fucken happiness
I survived a War to be not “Welcomed Home” for 39 years
and a few dumbasses tried to kill my ass without a witness
coming home to my Golden Buffalo Lodge shed a few tears…..

Have you found your Bluebird of Happiness in this Life?
Maybe, you should call and asks by cell-phone my ex-wife!…..

Sonnet #528.47 by Stoney aka Ronnie Miller
June 9th, Year 2013

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